SDFL Laboratory Capabilities

  Examinations Completed by the SDFL: 

  • Trace Evidence - Fibers, Hair
  • Processing Evidence for Presence of Latent Fingerprints
  • Conducting Fingerprint Examinations and Comparisons for Identification
  • AFIS/IAFIS Searches for Fingerprint Identifications
  • Firearm and Toolmark Examinations
  • Muzzle to Target Distance Determinations/Trajectory Determinations
  • Physical Fracture Matching
  • Forensic Serology/DNA

Additional exams are currently offered by the SDFL in partnership with other laboratories or consultants. Those exams include:

  • Arson Debris and Ignitable Liquids
  • Gunshot Residue (GSR)
  • Shoeprint and Tire Impression Examinations/Comparison for Identification
  • Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation
  • Forensic Anthropology

The SDFL also offers assistance to law enforcement in crime scene processing, or by providing other technical services as necessary.