SDFL Evidence Intake
Evidence Intake FAQ

The SD Forensic Laboratory Evidence section is responsible for the intake of incoming evidence to ensure the proper procedures are followed to maintain the highest level of  integrity for the evidence.  The evidence and case management is maintained in the Porter Lee Bar-coding, Evidence, Analysis, Statistics and Tracking (BEAST) on line program which also disseminates immediate available laboratory results directly to the officers desk computer.

This section also provides education and training related to all aspects of the collection, handling, storage, maintenance and eventual final disposition of evidence collected for analysis.


The hours for personal delivery intake are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In the event SDFL personnel are not available, or for after
hours evidence submittal, evidence locker delivery is available. The appropriate paperwork must be placed in the locker with the evidence. Contact the building security for access to this area.


(Bar-Coded Evidence Analysis Statistics and Tracking)

 BEAST Pre-Log Instructions for Submitting Evidence on NEW Assigned Casework

BEAST Pre-Log Instructions for Submitting Evidence on EXISTING Assigned Casework

BEAST Instructions for Submitting for Another Agency

BEAST Examination Categories

Shipping Guidelines

*Check regularly as this is frequently updated. Print for ease in interpretation.*

For any questions regarding evidence
submittals, contact (605) 773-3673.